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February 6, 2011
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You are walking around the streets near the Townsville City Dump when you hear someone you love whisper your name.  You turn around and you see Ace, the leader of the Gang Green Gang holding a half eaten box of chocolates and a wilted rose.  He hands them to you and you are so captivated by his eyes you don't even care about the half-assed sentiments of the green-skinned tough guy.  He then sweeps you off your feet with an unexpected long and passionate kiss, keeping his hands above your bottom at all times to keep it romantic.  He then takes you to a sappy chick-flick love story movie because you wanted to see it; afterward he takes you back to your house safely, giving you a sexy one-eyed wink before he left-also taking with him your best pair of underwear.

You feel his hands slither around your waist, his scaley skin feeling like fine leather against your body.  You can hear him breathing in your ear, his hot breath stirring your blood into a frenzy.  His snake tongue tickling your earlobe, causing you to buckle at the knees in a mixture of giggles and arousal.  He gently nibbles on your neck and shoulder, being sure to cover your entire body with kisses.  He presents to you a tiny velvet box, opens it and inside it holds a pair of snake shaped earrings he had made himself; their tails curving into hearts and he whispers in your hear "Happy Valentiness Day~<3"

Lil' Arturo
The fun-sized green boy takes you to the amusement park, where you two are able to sneak on the rides because you can put him in your purse without anybody suspecting anything is amiss.  However for rides such as the ferris wheel and the tunnel of love have no height requirements.  During the tunnel of love, he begins to serenade you with your favorite love song in Spanish.  You finish the night on the ferris wheel, holding hands with him the entire ride.  Mostly because you care about him so much, but partly because you are scared to death of heights, the possibility that the ferris wheel will fall off the hinges and kill everybody and that a vampire bat may come and suck your blood.  However, the night turns into magic when the cart that is holding you two gets "stuck" at the very top and the fireworks are going off.  You two look at each other and lean in for a romantic kiss "Feliz dia San Valentin, mi amor~<3"

You are crying in the bathroom over your recent ex-boyfriend dumping you on Valentines day for your supposed best friend-only to find out that they have been dating for the past six months.  You contemplate ending it all right here and now, the razorblade pressed against your wrist you are about to slide it down the tracks when somebody grabs a hold of your hand and pulls it away from your skin.  You see your best guy friend (who you secretly had a crush on for quite some time now), his tongue hanging out of his mouth and his usually dangling eyes buldging out of his face.  He had been running a long distance to stop you from making a big mistake, and he was out of breath.  You beg him to let you do it, but instead he pulls you into him, your lips meeting his.  You are so shocked that you drop the box cutter.  Your sorrow has turned to happiness as you wrap your arms around him, deepening the kiss.  For Valentines Day, Grubber has given you the best present of all: he saved you from yourself.

Big Billy
The giant green person is walking down the street with you on his shoulders, so that you don't get lost in the croud.  He takes you on a picnic in the local park, to which his idea of a picnic is looting the grocery store of all it's sugary soda pop and candy.  He then uproots a bunch of bushes with brightly colored flowers on them because you said that they looked pretty and they were your favorite kind of flowers. "Billy think you're prettier than any girl Billy ever meet" he tells you and gives you the last box of heart shaped smarties with sayings on them. "Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful~<3"
Just some scenarios I made up for Valentines Day for all the Gang Green Gang fans out there! I wrote "you" in there so you guys can place yourselves in the story! The characters can be percieved as the PPG OR the PPGZ versions depending on who's reading it.

Thanks to :iconsombra013: for a translation correction!

Sorry if you don't like the scenarios, I am not implying anything I just wrote what I feel that they would do in that situation based on their personalities.

Gang Green Gang belongs to Cartoon Network/Boomerang/Craig McCracken.
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Gothcookie123 Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I kinda like Lil' Arturo's because it's the only one who would do something that's not disgusting, childish, or totally inappropriate.
And still keep it cartoony!
Looneychic1 Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Awww Ace and Snake love me lol
Thanks for all the faves!
Looneychic1 Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
welcome pal!!
I am looking over your art too and so far I like it! Your OC Sky is so cute!
Looneychic1 Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Sky::iconblushplz: P-please you're to kind.
I cant find any information about her in your gallery, so please tell me more :3
Looneychic1 Dec 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
oh ok
Age:around 8 in the pic
gender:Female of course
Fav food:Gum she doesn't eat much.
best friends: Snake Ace and Mojo jojo and Robin
People she can't stand: Blossom, she can't stand her and Blossom doesn't like either
Hobbies:She sings and dances
Back story time: When Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup wanted a sister, the Professor agreed to make them another. So in his lab he used the same different ingreedents:Suger spice and everything nice with some chemical X getting everything for the arviel of his new little girl, he went up staries and told Blossom and Buttercup to get the room ready. But down staries Bubbles wanted her new sister to be just like her so she added more nice into the ingreedents. After that she left with some giggles. Professor Utonium came back down stairs with the girls telling Bubbles to come to. They stood there and watched the concoction work.then boom there was an explosion so much smoke coverd the room. Not begin able to see anything. HIM snuck in and added some evil to the little one before anyone could see he vanished. The smoke cleared every one saw here. A little Puff just like Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup but she was different; She had dark blue hair with a lighting in the middle of her bangs that covered one eye.She had yellow eyes,her skin was the same perfect color. Her outfit was a little different it resembled alot of HIM's. But the girls didn't care they had a new sister. Ready to celebrate they got a call from the mayor that the ganggreen gang was stealing from a grocery store. In a dash they left and took there new sister with them. When they were there the normal trio went into action and beat up the gang. But the new puff stood there trying to get details on why they were stealing. She saw bread and soda in there hands with some chips. She went over to the cashier and paid for there food.Every one looked at her blankly she went over to the ganggreen gang and handed them job aplication's and then dollars.
"You were only stealing food because you were hungry, so I paid for it this time.But next time you have to pay for ok.So I got you some job application so you can have money"
She then left. Bubbles Blossom and Buttercup fallowed after her.The gang stood there and felt alittle loved because that was the first time some one has cared enough to do that.
"Betty wait"Blossom yelled.
"My name is not Betty,I am Sky"She replaid
"Why did you do that?"Bubbles asked
"They were hungry and had no money wouldn't you do the same if you were in there passion"She then flew back home.
Stuned that she was right if they were in that same place the gang was in they would heave to steal.
((Yup that was alot of writing sorry. So that is about it on Sky any questions))
No that covered all the bases!
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